Blockchain – How Will It Ultimately Change Our Lives?

In the past few years, blockchain technology has grown exponentially. From being a niche technology with only computer geeks as its audience, blockchain now has millions of users across the world. So what exactly is this blockchain and why is it becoming so popular? You might have heard about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. But do you know how they are related to blockchain?

What is Blockchain?

A blockchain is a decentralized digital ledger which records transactions between two parties in a verifiable and permanent way. Blockchain was first designed as the underlying architecture of Bitcoin, a digital currency that was designed to be decentralized, secure and anonymous. Now, blockchain technology has found many other applications beyond cryptocurrencies. Today, blockchain is being used in various industries such as finance, logistics, media, healthcare, energy, real estate, and even government. Simply put, blockchain is a technology that enables the creation of a decentralized and distributed ledger. With this technology, people can interact with each other without having to go through any centralized authority. This is the reason why blockchain has become the buzzword of the decade.

How Does Blockchain Work?

Before we understand how blockchain works, let’s understand the concept of a distributed ledger. It is a ledger that is not stored in one central location. Instead, it is spread across different networked computers. A distributed ledger can be public, private or a hybrid of both. In a distributed ledger, whenever someone wants to add something new, the system validates it and then adds it to the list. A distributed ledger is almost impossible to hack because once the data is entered, it is verified across all the nodes of the network. And now let’s understand how blockchain works. A blockchain is a type of distributed ledger that uses a consensus mechanism to add data. Using blockchain, people can create digital assets. Anyone with access to the system can also create, verify and transfer these assets.

Why is Everyone Talking About Blockchain?

If you look back, blockchain is a technology that has been in existence for over a decade now. But it wasn’t until recently that businesses and industries started to see its potential. Let’s understand why blockchain is now at the center of business and technological innovation. – Increased Security – With blockchain, there is no need for a third party to control the information. As the data is stored on a decentralized system, the information cannot be hacked or breached. Hence, blockchain offers more security than traditional databases. – Transparency – As all the information is stored on a public ledger, the transactions and data are transparent and easily verifiable. Anyone with access to the ledger can confirm the details. Hence, there is no chance of corruption. – Anonymity and Decentralized Ownership – You don’t need to provide your name, address or other personal information while entering data into the ledger. Furthermore, the data is not owned by anyone individual or organization. Instead, it is owned by the entire network. This means that no single person or group can control the ledger. – New Use Cases – With blockchain, businesses can create new use cases. For example, you can create a supply chain that tracks goods from their origin all the way to the end customer. – Easier Transactions and Automation – With blockchain, you don’t need a middleman to verify and process transactions. The system can also help businesses in automating various operations.

How Will Blockchain Change Our Life?

Now that we have understood what blockchain is, let’s see how it will change our life in the years to come. Blockchain can change the way we do business, invest, date, and fall in love. Let’s take a look at how these industries will get disrupted by blockchain. – Business – With blockchain, individuals can create their own businesses and have complete control over the suppliers and customers. There are many blockchain-based platforms that will help you create your own company. Some of these platforms include OpenBazzar, Waves and Ethex. – Real Estate – Blockchain can help people buy or sell properties in a faster and more transparent way. There are already some companies that are developing blockchain-based real estate portals. – Dating – Dating apps are changing the way people fall in love. With blockchain, you will be able to create your own dating app and have full control over the data. – Healthcare – Healthcare is one of the industries that has been slow to adopt new technologies. With blockchain, though, you can create a secure and transparent healthcare ecosystem.

Pros and Cons of Blockchain

Like everything else in the world, blockchain also comes with its set of benefits and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at both of them. – Pros – Increased Security – As we have already discussed, blockchain offers maximum security to the users. A distributed ledger is almost impossible to hack. You can also create your own digital assets and tokens. – Decentralized and Transparent – All the transactions and data are recorded in a transparent and decentralized ledger. This means that the data is verifiable and tamper-proof. – New Use Cases – With blockchain, you can create new use cases and disrupt the existing industries. With this technology, you can track the supply chain of your goods, create digital identities, and even run elections. – Easier Transactions and Automation – With blockchain, you can avoid the use of a third party when making transactions. It can also help businesses in automating various operations. – Cons – Expensive – Although blockchain is the most secure and transparent technology that exists today, it is not cheap. It takes a lot of money and resources to create a blockchain network. – Slow Speed – Compared to centralized databases, blockchain is very slow. It takes a lot of time to create and execute transactions.

The Final Words

If you have been reading about blockchain and its potential, now is the time to get your hands on it. You can create your own blockchain network or join an existing one. Blockchain can change the way businesses operate, how we fall in love, and how we buy and sell products. It will be interesting to see how blockchain will disrupt the existing industries and change our lives. And if you are looking to invest in this revolutionary technology, then you should know that there is no better time than now to get started!

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