The Women of NFTs: Taking a Look at Top Female-Led Projects

It’s officially Women’s History Month, a month to look back on all the advancements women have contributed to society and look forward to everything yet to come. Although cryptocurrency may often seem like a male-dominated ecosystem, countless women contribute to Web 3. What better way to celebrate than to examine a few women-led NFT projects worth checking out.

#1 Women and Weapons NFT

Women and Weapons is an NFT collection created by Sara Baumann, a.k.a “Sparky.” Baumann is an Iranian-American multimedia artist from Dallas, Texas. She was initially an occupational therapist who decided to start selling art on the side while working towards her Master’s degree. In an interview, Baumann stated that she began working on a painting series as a stress-reliever when working towards her degree and her husband convinced her to mint them as NFTs. 

After Gary Vaynerchuck bought three of her NFTs, the rest sold out within 1 minute. After that fateful day, she expanded the series, and now 5% of all Primary and Secondary profits go to the Malala Fund Charity. The Malala Fund is a charitable organization that enables women and girls to gain access to education.

#2 Boss Beauties

Boss Beauties is an NFT series founded by Lisa Mayer. Mayer is the CEO of My Social Canvas, a non-profit organization that provides mentorship to young girls. The Boss Beauties NFT collection is a series of 10,000 NFTs inspired by the young girls Mayer helped mentor. The girls were asked to “imagine a collection of digital portraits to capture the empowered women they want to see and be in the world.”

After creating vision boards, the girls helped Mayer develop a collection of diverse, successful female characters. Interestingly, Boss Beauties was the first NFT collection to be featured in The New York Stock Exchange.

#3 Women Tribe

Women Tribe is an NFT collection designed by Izzy, a 22-year-old girl from Portugal who produces both music and art. Izzy found out she had a heart condition in late 2019 and wasn’t able to return to work. After learning about crypto and NFTs, she dove right in.

The Women Tribe NFT series was programmatically generated from a collection of nearly 900 hand-drawn traits. Each piece features a colorful female character. There are 10,000 NFTs in the series, 10 of which are unique 1/1 pieces with a music track. The project donates 5% of its sales revenue to OutRight International’s EmpowHER program and aims to create a scholarship program that will pay out 5 ETH to a lucky recipient.

#4 Wow Pixies

Wow Pixies is a DAO that sells pixelated NFTs to acquire valuable NFTs designed by female creators. The community votes on which NFTs to acquire, with each Pixie NFT counting for 1 vote. The community votes on which NFTs to acquire, with each Pixie NFT counting for one vote. Upon selling all of the NFTs, the project aims to donate 5 ETH to MMIW USA and 5 ETH to MMIW Canada. MMIW helps find missing women and aids families of murder victims with processing their grief.

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